At Alexandre Hotels we think of you during your stay, so that your trip is a safe experience, and that is why we have developed protocols to ensure the safety of our customers, workers and collaborators in all our hotels.

All the protocols and safety and hygiene measures in our facilities have been designed based on the ministerial orders SND/458/2020 of 30 May, ND/414/2020 of 16 May and SND/399/2020 of 9 May 2020 of the Ministry of Health, the guide published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the guide published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and prepared by the ICTE at the request of the Secretary of State for Tourism "Measures for the reduction of SARSCoV-2 coronavirus infection" and the one prepared by HOSBEC "HOSBEC Guide for the post Covid-19 reopening in tourist accommodation", in order to ensure the best implementation of the measures and thus provide all the guarantees and maximum confidence to our customers.



  • We ensure the social distance between our clients and our employees.
  • We check the temperature of our customers on arrival.
  • We implement all the necessary specific protection measures:
  • Payment system using the room key at the points of sale, and priority is given to payment by Contactless card, minimising cash payment as much as possible.
  • Disinfection of room keys and data terminals after each use.
  • Staff with Covid-19 training certified by sp|activa, equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.



  • We increase the frequency of cleaning and ventilation in common areas, with special attention to bathrooms.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available to guests in the main areas of the hotel.
  • We establish maximum capacity to maintain the minimum safety distance between people.




  • We reinforce our cleaning and disinfection protocols, with products with a virucidal effect, with emphasis on the most frequently used surfaces (knobs, switches, taps and doors).
  • As far as possible, our rooms will not be occupied for 24 hours after each departure of the occupant.
  • We offer the possibility to refuse our cleaning service for a maximum of 4 nights.
  • Bed linen and textiles will be cleaned in a certified laundry, at specific temperatures and with specific programmes to guarantee their hygiene.
  • We remove decorative items such as cushions, bed runners and non-essential stationery.
  • Staff with specific Covid-19 training and certified by , equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.




  • Seating is limited in restaurants and bars to ensure the minimum safe distance.
  • Tables shall be placed at least two metres apart.
  • Buffet service will be assisted according to regulations.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel point at the entrance of each restaurant and bar.
  • Specific disinfection of kitchenware, cutlery, crockery, glassware, tables, chairs, before and after each use. before and after each use.
  • Use of single doses instead of bulk services.
  • We have implemented a QR system to facilitate our services in a secure way.
  • Staff with specific training against Covid-19 and certified by sp|activa, equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.




  • Spacious meeting spaces to hold meetings with a total guarantee of minimum safety and hygiene distances.
  • Outdoor spaces available for coffee and cocktail service.
  • Free Wifi for events in hybrid format.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available to guests at the entrance and inside the rooms.




  • The capacity is limited, guaranteeing the minimum safety distance.
  • The frequency of cleaning and maintenance is increased, disinfecting all surfaces according to protocols.