Meeting rooms and Offices


Because large contracts require more proximity, the Hotel Fira Congress has thought about the functionality of the firms private, a more personal space where dimensions allow a distinguished treatment, direct and private.

  • Small firms: If you need to close a deal and time is an essential factor for your business that best that you use one of our offices up to 15 m2, to meet in a private and functional space.

The possibilities are extensive, from a meeting with the management team, before and during your event, or if she is waiting for an international agent who arrives at the airport, and does not want to waste time crossing Barcelona, may meet at one of the offices of the Hotel Fira Congress.

Name Number M2 Dim (m) Height (m) Natural light
Sindicate 1 10-15 21,40 4,11X5,2 2,4 No
Sindicate 2 10-15 23 4,43X5,2 2,4 No
Sindicate 3 10-15 24,7 4,74X5,2 2,4 No
Sindicate 4 10-15 27,70 4,74X5,2 2,4 No

Meeting rooms

Meeting roomsThe Hotel Fira Congress dedicated solely an entire floor of the hotel to events, offering multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate any type meeting, Convention, Conference, banquet or exhibition with more than 1000 m2 and the skylight which distributes natural light.Four large rooms paneled equipped with the most advanced technology, wi-fi connection 100, adjustable lighting, hoists for lowered vehicles and heavy machinery to lounges with access from the outside and with possibilities of storage for the customer.

All events have their oun space in the Hotel Fira Congress.Our offer is complemented with four law firms private meetings that require lower number of assistants, equipped with screens 40 inch plasma and with direct connection to a laptop computer, ADSL and Wi-Fi connection and all the comforts of the Fira Congress. All rooms have LCD information screens to advertise the event.The Foyer is characterized by its amplitude and is in front of the rooms, easy access from the main floor allows reception of guests, coffees, cocktails or aperitifs.
The Hotel Fira Congress offers large rooms can be partitioned, equipped with the latest technologies, with natural daylight and adaptable to your needs, thanks to the flexibility of our professionals and the experience in the sector.